Steven Miller: “Introduction to RDF and Ontologies for the Semantic Web” (ALA Preconference, June 27, 2013)

Written on 06/21/2013. Filed under Member Activity.

Steven Miller presented an ALCTS Preconference in conjunction with the 2013 ALA Annual Conference in Chicago on Thursday, June 27, 2013, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm. Title: “Introduction to RDF and Ontologies for the Semantic Web.”

Linked Data and Semantic Web applications hold potential for expressing bibliographic data in ways more flexible, powerful, and openly sharable than MARC. While RDF provides the underlying data model, RDFS, OWL, and SKOS provide the basis for creating vocabularies and “ontologies,” machine-actionable models that bring structure to RDF. This workshop provides a beginner’s level introduction for non-IT librarians to these behind-the-scenes models. It focuses primarily on ontologies as models of the entities in a knowledge domain and the relationships among those entities. It includes examples from cultural heritage metadata communities as well as some hands-on exercises. The workshop will be useful for those who want to have an understanding of RDF and ontology modeling concepts and terminology so as to better understand and participate in current discussions on Linked Data and Semantic Web for cultural heritage metadata.