Regular Member

Regular Member – any interested SOIS faculty and teaching academic staff members with an interest in IR may become regular members with voting privileges. Current regular  members include:


Wooseob Jeong

Interim Dean & Associate Professor: human computer interaction, multimodal interfaces–especially haptic and auditory display, digital libraries / XML, multilingual/multiscript information/library systems, information retrieval/image retrieval, and information seeking behaviors of ethnic groups such as immigrants and foreign students

Xiangming Mu

Associate Professor: information technology and user behavior studies, information retrieval theories and systems, and health and biomedical information retrieval

Dietmar Wolfram

Professor: applied informetrics and scholarly communication, information retrieval systems design and evaluation, modeling and simulation of information retrieval systems, and user studies based on transaction log analysis

Iris Xie

Professor:  interactive information retrieval, information retrieval system design and evaluation, digital libraries and human-computer interaction

Jin Zhang

Professor: visualization for information retrieval, information retrieval algorithms, metadata, digital libraries, transaction log analysis, consumer health informatics, human and computer interaction, and search engine evaluation